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Are you looking for a specific dataset? Do you need technical assistance (data cleaning, transformation, analysis, visualization) or advice and information on your data journalism and digital investigations project in Somalia?

The media landscape in Somalia is made up of small, politically fragmented, and poorly resourced newsrooms. Cross-media collaborations and partnerships are non-existent. Lack of computing facilities, technical know-how, and media outlets' inability to hire qualified journalists means that most news outlets are unable to undertake data-driven investigative stories.

Jaantus is committed to facilitating Somali newsrooms and journalists access to and use of public information, data, and digital tools for high-quality public interest journalism in Somalia. If you’re a local reporter or an editor needing a specific dataset, research, data analysis, visualization, or any other technical support for your stories, contact our Data Desk! We will try to work with you to find a solution.

Newsrooms and journalists utilizing Data Desk services will receive an invitation to join and contribute to Jaantus Data Storytelling Community of Practice. This is part of efforts to foster collaboration and exchange of technical knowledge and to strengthen the common agenda of increasing the availability and use of data for evidence-based reporting.

For assistance, please fill out the request for data / technical assistance form. We will review your request and contact you to discuss your specific needs and available assistance.

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